Our region

South Bay Solutions Europe Sp. z.o.o. operates in the south-east of Poland – in the Podkarpackie Province. This is one of the fastest growing regions in the field of precision machining of metals for aerospace and automotive industries.

The main advantages are long, pre-war times reaching, experience in the manufacture for the aviation industry, location near the international Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport, as well as the A4 motorway hubs, S19 road, national road no. 9, E30 Germany – Poland – Ukraine  main railway line, and the proximity of the border with Ukraine and Slovakia.

Another important advantage is the presence of technical universities: Rzeszów University of Technology and the University of Rzeszów, thus the possibility to obtain a well-educated workforce and the possibility to cooperate in terms of research with regard to the implementation of new manufacturing technologies.

Another positive aspect of our region are the unique landscapes, rich flora and fauna, mountain ranges, vast forest areas, and monuments constituting a great potential for tourism and recreation of the Podkarpacie Region. This can make the stay of our potential clients in the province nicer.

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